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We hope this note finds you well and having enjoyed the Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Holiday! Many have asked what’s new in Plastic Surgery in 2018? Well, the latest generation of breast implants were released in the middle of 2017 and the results so far have been amazing. These implants are made of a new highly cohesive silicone gel, similar to a very dense gummy bear. The implant volumes are slightly overfilled compared to previous implants, different implant shapes and projection have been developed and best of all, many more sizes  have been developed than previously available.

The benefits of these modifications are numerous. In general we are able to customize more closely the right implant to achieve the patient’s specific goals and more closely compliment their body size and breast shape. For women who have been considering breast augmentation this is a great time to assess the options available. Additionally, for those women who have saline implants in place and may be experiencing some breast irregularities or rippling these new breast implants are an ideal upgrade. 

We will be having an educational open house on Feb 22nd at 6pm to present these new implants and discuss the available options for breast augmentation.  We want this to be a small and informative gathering in the office and individual examinations will be available to provide specific options best suited for you, so space will be limited. We invite you to join us and learn what is new in breast augmentation in 2018! 


Warmest Personal Regards,