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Dr. Vogel Lectures at the 2013 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Symposium


Recently, Dr. James Vogel presented to his peers at the 2013 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Symposium. Held annually in Las Vegas, this event draws the attention of plastic and cosmetic surgeons from all over the country, specializing in multiple areas of cosmetic surgery. This year, Dr. Vogel had the opportunity to speak at this event for the third time, and he says he feels it is important for surgeons to attend events like the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Symposium as a way to obtain new information and techniques from their peers, ultimately leading to improved patient care. This year, Dr. Vogel presented on integrating hair loss treatment into a traditional cosmetic surgery practice, discussing topics such as patient selection and how to avoid complications. He says his peers seemed most interested in learning more about how new techniques allow surgeons to create a more natural appearance to hair restoration, avoiding the “plug-y” appearance that can result from techniques of the past. He says he hopes his fellow cosmetic surgeons were able to see how hair restoration and hairline lowering can be a very fulfilling aspect of an aesthetic surgery practice. He explains that hair restoration completes the full scope of what aesthetic general plastic surgeons do, adding a technique that addresses the upper third of the face.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Vogel, or to learn more about hair restoration, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.