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Donor Site Closure


By using a creative technique for closing the donor site incision we are able to create a dramatically improved and often imperceptible scar in the majority of cases. The technique essentially slides the lower ledge of the scalp incision under the upper layer of the incision to create a situation in which the hairs from the lower scalp layer grow directly through the scar. While a donor site scar cannot be avoided, this technique helps to camouflage it by allowing hair to grow in the middle of the scar. The depicted photos illustrate the traditional donor site closure technique and the new trichophytic closure technique. The same patient is in both photos. The photo on the left is the donor site closure that was used during the first HT session and the photo on the right is the donor site used during the second session. Dr Vogel did everything identically in both cases except the second case was closed using the trichophytic closure technique. Notice that the hairs which are growing in the scar create a situation in which the scar is virtually undetectable in this case.