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Dr. Vogel Answers Common Questions About Breast Augmentation

In this first installment of our video blog series, Dr. James Vogel answers some of the most frequently asked questions about breast augmentation surgery.

When patients come in for a consultation for breast augmentation, I make sure to answer all of their questions. I believe it is of the utmost importance for patients to be well-informed before committing to any cosmetic surgery procedure. Some of the most frequently asked questions include:

  • Where is the incision made?
  • What type of breast implant is used?
  • How soon can I return to work?
  • When will I be able to go back to the gym?
  • What size breast implant should I get?
  • What type of sedation/anesthesia do you use?

In my video blog, I provide detailed answers to all of these questions. If the information you are looking for is not answered in my video, please feel free to contact my office. My knowledgeable staff can help to answer any additional questions, and they can assist you in scheduling a consultation. In a consultation, I will be able to provide you with more personalized answers to your questions. I hope this video will provide you with the information you need, and I look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.