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Welcome to the Newsroom for Dr. James E. Vogel’s plastic surgery practice. On this page, you will find press releases and news written about Dr. Vogel and his Baltimore plastic surgery practice. These releases contain important information for people considering surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Current and potential patients can learn more about procedures, new technology and equipment, safety information, promotions, and more. Please feel free to browse through the releases below. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.
James E. Vogel, MD is granted the 2016 Golden Follicle Award

Baltimore Hair Transplant Surgeon Wins Prestigious Award for Contributions in Medical Hair Restoration

November 28, 2016

James E. Vogel, MD wins the Golden Follicle Award at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Baltimore, MD – Each year, members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) select two doctors who have made outstanding clinical contributions to the field of…

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Dr. James Vogel discusses the benefits of brow lift surgery

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon James Vogel, MD Explores the Benefits of Brow Lift Surgery

April 27, 2016

Dr. James E. Vogel explains how a full brow lift procedure can restore a smoother, more youthful appearance to the forehead, brow line, and upper face. Baltimore, MD – For many men and women, facial aging in the brow and forehead area can have a fairly dramatic effect on the…

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Dr. James E. Vogel discusses the key benefits of hairline lowering.

Hair Restoration Specialist in Baltimore Highlights the Benefits of Hairline Lowering

March 28, 2016

Dr. James E. Vogel discusses how hairline lowering can be utilized to reduce the prominence of one’s forehead with natural-looking results. Baltimore, MD – Dr. James E. Vogel is a Baltimore plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist who has focused his career on enhancing the natural beauty of his patients….

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Baltimore Hair Transplant Surgeon on State-of-the-Art Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

February 22, 2016

Dr. James E. Vogel discusses advancements in surgical hair restoration and the importance of follicular unit extraction and grafting techniques in achieving aesthetically pleasing results. Baltimore, MD – Throughout his career as a Board Certified plastic surgeon in Baltimore, James E. Vogel, MD has maintained a special focus on keeping…

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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon on Kybella Non-Surgical Treatment for a Double Chin

August 17, 2015

Dr. James E. Vogel discusses the recently FDA-approved Kybella procedure, an injectable treatment designed to reduce excess fat under the chin. Baltimore, MD – What’s often referred to as a “double chin” is a very common condition that can be caused by the natural aging process, weight fluctuation, genetics, or…

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Hairline Lowering and Hair Transplants – Baltimore Plastic Surgeon On Balancing Facial Symmetry

May 25, 2015

Dr. James E. Vogel employs surgical and non-surgical techniques such as injectables, hairline lowering, and hair transplants to maximize facial symmetry with natural-looking results. Baltimore, MD – Though many people associate plastic surgery with lifting sagging skin or smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, innovative techniques and technological advancements have allowed…

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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon Helps Athletic Patients Achieve Toned Lower Legs

April 7, 2015

Dr. James Vogel offers a number of body enhancing procedures at his plastic surgery practice and uses calf augmentation to improve muscle definition and body symmetry. Baltimore, MD – Dr. James E. Vogel’s Baltimore plastic surgery practice offers a variety of procedures that can enhance the contours of the body…

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Breast Lift Surgery Options Outlined by Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

December 1, 2014

Dr. James E. Vogel explains a variety of techniques used for breast lift surgery, and helps women to understand what they can expect after the procedure. Baltimore, MD — Over time, breasts can begin to lose their youthful appearance, due to the effects of gravity, says James E. Vogel, MD….

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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon Answers Common Non-Surgical Treatment Questions

September 15, 2014

Dr. James Vogel addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about non-surgical procedures available at his plastic surgery practice. Baltimore, MD — To answer some of the most frequently asked questions about plastic surgery procedures, Baltimore plastic surgeon James E. Vogel, M.D., F.A.C.S. has created a video blog series…

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hair restoration,body contouring,breast augmentation,plastic surgeon in baltimore,facelift

Common Facial Rejuvenation Questions Answered by Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

July 22, 2014

Dr. James Vogel answers some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to facelift surgery. Baltimore, MD — The decision to undergo plastic surgery is not one to be taken lightly, according to Baltimore plastic surgeon James E. Vogel, M.D., F.A.C.S. He explains that in order for patients…

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