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  • Length: 1-5 hours (this applies to all facial procedures)
  • Anesthesia: IV Sedation
  • In Patient/Out Patient: Out patient
  • Potential Side Effects/Risks: Bruising, numbness, muscle weakness and nerve weakness
  • Principal Benefits: More youthful, alert appearance

Any of a number of factors can cause facial skin to sag or droop: excessive sun exposure, the aging process, changes in weight. Such wrinkles and jowls can make you look much older than you really are and how you feel. Facelift is a surgical procedure that can give you a smoother, more youthful appearance with long-lasting results. Here’s how it works:

Dr. Vogel Answers Frequently Asked Questions

I do not want to look like I had a facelift or appear tightly pulled; can I obtain a natural look?
Absolutely! My goal is to have patients appear younger and refreshed, not “operated upon.” The technique I use for the procedure pulls deep layers and does not require tight skin stretching. I encourage patients to bring photos of themselves taken 15 years ago to the consultation. This serves as an important starting point for the planning of the procedure.
How long does a facelift usually last?
Depending on the patient’s age, health, smoking history, and skin type, a facelift’s results should last ten years. However, the facelift can be thought of as lasting forever in that individuals who undergo a facelift will always look better having had the procedure than not.
Will a facelift help if I have a lot of facial wrinkles?
A facelift itself is not entirely effective against very fine facial lines. In addition to a facelift, you might need laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and/or fat augmentation.
Do men commonly get facelifts, and are there any special concerns?
Yes, men commonly have facelifts with terrific success. A man’s face has more blood vessels than a woman’s because of the male beard. Therefore, there can be a higher incidence of postoperative bleeding. Also, the bearded skin is pulled closer to the ear and behind the ear so shaving will be necessary in those areas.
What is recovery like following a facelift?
You will have only moderate soreness for a few days, but this will improve quickly thereafter. A tight feeling will persist for a few weeks. Numbness of the face will persist to some degree for several months. Most people take off about 2-3 weeks from work to recuperate.
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