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Baltimore Body Contouring Procedures – James E Vogel MD

Body contouring is a procedure that we frequently perform in this office. As with all of our procedures they are individualized to meet the patient’s requirements. We perform liposuction alone if that is appropriate. If someone has some excess skin particularly below the bellybutton only they are a better candidate for a mini tummy tuck and if they have excess skin and fat both above and below the bellybutton, frequently they are better candidates for a full tummy tuck. These are all procedures performed in our surgery center under intravenous sedation, usually with an epidural anesthesia.

I like to limit the procedures to approximately four to six hours at their maximum and not take any additional chances and try to push the limits of what I consider to be safe. The patients are able to return to work generally within three to five days or if they have a full tummy tuck, we generally indicate the patient should reserve at least two weeks for the recovery process.

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