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Baltimore Eyelid Surgery & Browlift – Dr James E Vogel

Patients often want to know what procedure would be the most significant to enhance and freshen their appearance. I feel that eyelid contouring as well as brow elevation is a very important component to that. When patients hear about brow elevation, they often think they are going to look surprised or startled, but on the contrary if done in a conservative and very appropriate manner, it is a great way to enhance the upper third of the face. As a plastic surgeon, I would like to place incisions where the eye naturally wants to see contours or shadows. In the lower lid the incision is placed just below the lashes. In the upper lid the incision is placed at the natural crease of the upper lid. When it comes to the brow lifting, I would like to place the incision at the anterior hairline. The reason for this is that I have a strong belief in not altering the hairline itself or enlarging the forehead during the brow lifting procedure.

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