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Baltimore Facial Rejuvenation Patient Experience – James E Vogel MD

My name is Maya and I am a clinical child psychologist. My journey to change my look started about two years ago. From the very beginning of contacting the office I felt the warmth and welcoming methods that they used to deal with me, it was fantastic. It was such a dramatic wonderful experience that I decided to proceed with Dr. Vogel. I needed a new look because I was starting a new career. I was working in industrial organizational psychology and it was very important for me to look fresh and young rather than old and tired the way I was looking. So I talked with him about what my goals were and he totally understood and showed me on the computer what I would probably look like and I was intrigued and excited, but I was also scared because I had family members who were telling me, “Ah, you are going to look windswept. It is going to be artificial.” So I did get frightened and at one point I called and I canceled the procedures that I had decided I was going to go ahead with. Dr. Vogel called me up personally and asked what was going on and I told him and he reassured me and I went ahead and I am so glad I did it. It has been the biggest change in my life. People respond to me completely differently. The children that I am seeing act like I am more their parents age rather than almost their grandmother, which I actually am. I am close to 60 years old and nobody even comes close to guessing that now.

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