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Baltimore Liposuction Surgery Patient Review

Hi, my name is Vicky. I am a sales associate for a brokerage firm. I am 53 years old and at the age of 50 I started noticing quite a few areas that I would have to have some plastic surgery done and with some research and recommendations I found Dr. Vogel and I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Vogel. I have had several procedures done and I have always been extremely happy. He does not recommend operations or liposuction if that is not something that he feels you need. I was starting to get a ring around my neck and some fat deposits under my chin. If Dr. Vogel had suggested a surgery, I certainly would have listened to him, but he did not. He thought this could be done with just a simple procedure of liposuction. The results I am extremely happy with, the tightening of the neck. I do not have the bulge under the chin. I wear turtlenecks now, which I love, and I just think it was a great procedure.

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