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Breast Augmentation Surgery Process Baltimore – James E Vogel MD

We perform breast augmentation very frequently in this office. We tailor the procedure to meet the individual needs of the patient. Very frequently patients want to know whether they need a straight breast augment or some type of lifting procedure. The answer to that question is to consider the position of the nipple. Fundamentally if the nipple is at the level of the crease a straight breast augmentation is usually all that is necessary. If the nipple is slightly below or considerably below the crease then a lifting procedure is usually necessary. Very often patients are concerned that their breasts are two different sizes. Well that happens to be very common and to handle that we generally perform breast augmentation using implants of different size. The breast augmentation procedure takes approximately one to one and a half hours. The recovery process involves usually three to five days off of work or major responsibilities and patients generally feel sore, so they perform 50 or a 100 pushups a few days earlier.