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Facial Rejuvenation Surgery Baltimore – Procedural Options

Facial rejuvenation is a very large specialty of mine and we perform a considerable amount of facial aesthetic surgery. Nowhere in cosmetic surgery is the natural appearance of the result more important than when performing facial cosmetic surgery. As with all of our operations, the patient’s individualized needs and goals are taken into account when determining what the best procedure would be with regard to facial rejuvenation. Different options for facial rejuvenation include lifting of the brow, contouring of the upper and lower eyelids knows as a blepharoplasty procedure, a face lift procedure, which can consist of a mini type of face lift or a full face lift depending on the degree of aging and the patient’s goals. All of these procedures are performed in our office. The time of course depends on the amount of surgery and what is being performed, but as with other procedures I would like to limit the amount of surgery time to four to six hours at the maximum and most people need to plan on a week to two weeks free of major responsibilities during the recovery process.

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