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Hair Restoration Surgery Baltimore – James E Vogel MD

Hair restoration surgery is a very significant part of my practice. I am past president of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. We perform a lot of hair transplants on both men, women, and also do a lot of corrective hair transplant procedures for patients who have had cornrow plugs that were performed in earlier days or who have had procedures that were not quite as modern or contemporary as they might otherwise be. As a plastic surgeon performing hair restoration surgery, I have the added benefit of an artistic perspective on hairline design in relation to the facial shapes of individuals.

One of the advances in hair restoration surgery today is our ability to create and plant thousands of individual hair grafts in a single session to give a totally natural result.

Hi, my name is Mary. I am Dr. Vogel’s hair transplant coordinator and I have been with him since 1996. I am the main link between Dr. Vogel and the patient to answer all questions and concerns and we not only want you to have a great experience, but also a great result.

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