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Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

Being prepared for the recovery period after tummy tuck surgery can help the process go more smoothly and comfortably. Although there is no such thing as a “perfect” recovery, patients who follow Dr. Vogel’s and Dr. Houssock’s abdominoplasty recovery tips and detailed postoperative care instructions typically experience less discomfort, fewer side-effects, and less prominent scar tissue. Take a look at our plastic surgeons’ top recommendations below.

  • Do not smoke or use any tobacco/nicotine products both prior to and after your surgery. Eliminating nicotine from the body helps to improve blood circulation, which is necessary for proper internal healing as well as the healing of surgical incisions. Patients who do not refrain from smoking/tobacco use can experience significantly slower rates of wound repair and develop more noticeable scar tissue.
  • Before surgery, prepare an area in your home where you plan to rest and recover comfortably following your procedure so that you are not attempting to do so while limited in mobility and potentially uncomfortable after treatment.
  • Make sure you have a friend or family member who can drive you home from the hospital and assist you with basic tasks during the first few days.
  • Fill all of your prescriptions prior to surgery and understand how and when to take each medication.
  • Rest, sleep, water, and good nutrition are incredible healers, so make sure you get plenty of all four. Avoiding salt in your diet and limiting alcohol consumption are also beneficial to your recovery.
  • Make sure to use a pillow under your knees when you sleep to reduce strain on the midsection.
  • Do not push or overexert yourself sooner than your plastic surgeon advises. Most tummy tuck patients plan about two to three weeks off from work and regular activities to accommodate their recovery. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise should also be avoided for approximately four to six week
  • Begin to walk around the house when you feel you are able. The increased blood flow helps prevent blood clots and other complications that can arise from being too sedentary.When walking, be sure to maintain a slight bend in the knees to reduce potential strain on the abdomen.
  • Wear your compression garments for as long as your plastic surgeon instructs to help minimize swelling and promote optimal healing.
  • Attend all follow-up appointments so that Dr. Vogel or Dr. Houssock can oversee your healing progress and stay apprised of any developments that may require additional attention.

If you have any questions about the recovery process following abdominoplasty, or if you have specific concerns related to your proposed surgical plan, we encourage you to contact our practice to speak with Dr. Vogel or Dr. Houssock. For anyone interested in finding out whether he or she is a good candidate for a tummy tuck, our office team can help you schedule a consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons!