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Dr. Vogel Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Previous installments of our “frequently asked questions” blog series have addressed your concerns about our most popular treatments and procedures, including breast augmentation FAQ, body procedures FAQ, and facial rejuvenation FAQ. Today, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Vogel will answer your questions about non-surgical procedures.

Sometimes surgery might not be the best way for you to achieve your cosmetic goals, depending on your individual needs. In fact, non-surgical treatments have become the fastest growing area of cosmetic surgical practice. However, the absence of surgery – and the expense, downtime, and risk factors associated with surgical procedures – are precisely the reason why non-surgical treatments have been steadily gaining popularity. My patients often visit our office during their lunch hour and are back to work or their daily activities almost immediately.

Common questions my patients ask about these non-surgical treatments include:

  • Will I see immediate results for BOTOX® Cosmetic?
  • Will I see immediate results for dermal fillers?
  • Do these injections hurt?
  • How might my results differ between surgical and non-surgical treatments?
  • How long do results typically last?
  • Are non-surgical treatments worth the time and investment?

For my detailed answers to these questions, please view my non-surgical FAQ video above. Though the effects of surgery are typically more dramatic, I recommend that my patients weigh the benefits, expense, and risks of each procedure. I can also help patients determine which option will best achieve their individual goals in a one-on-one consultation. To learn more about how our non-surgical offerings can benefit you, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.