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Plastic Surgery Baltimore Maryland – View Our Office

We are very proud of our surgical facility here in the office. The facility is meticulously clean and well equipped. It is fully certified and state licensed. We take great care of our patients and over overriding concern is always patient’s safety and comfort. We have a terrific team. We work together very very well and our focus is always on the patient. We have a private surgical entrance to maximize patient comfort and privacy.
On the morning of surgery you are greeted by myself and you come into our private surgical entrance. I bring you back to our preop room where you change into a sterile gown, hat and socks, and I put you under a heated electric blanket and give you a Valium. We do your vital signs. Dr. Vogel and myself are here for your markings as well as you meet with Robin, the nurse anesthetist.
For many people anesthesia is their highest concern when it comes to undergoing a surgical procedure and we want patients to know that every safety measure is taken in our facility, that we have all the same emergency equipment certifications that you would expect at any hospital or other facility.
Every aspect of the procedure is designed for safety, comfort, and privacy.