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Hair Line Lowering/Forehead Reduction

Women who seek hairline lowering almost always share a common complaint, namely they are not happy with the size of their forehead. Typically, this type of issue has been a persistent source of personal frustration and often an embarrassment for most of their lives. This is a very personal matter that can cause self-consciousness and affect self-esteem. In many cases, women with a high hairline may try to conceal their forehead with various hairstyles, scarves, or hats. Fortunately, our plastic surgeon, James Vogel, MD, offers an effective, two-hour hairline lowering procedure that can adjust the forehead proportions to achieve a more balanced facial appearance.

About the Hairline Lowering Procedure

The hairline lowering operation is a terrific way for well selected patients to achieve a lower hairline in only 2 hours. The operation is performed while the patient is sedated in our certified surgical center by our dedicated anesthetist. The scalp is brought forward through an incision at the front hairline and excess forehead skin is removed. The hairline is then positioned lower on the forehead, typically an inch lower, or perhaps more, depending on your needs. The incision from the procedure can usually be hidden along the hairline for a natural appearance. Most patients are able to wash their hair the day after surgery and many return to work within a few days. After about a week, stitches are commonly removed. For some patients, a follow-up hair transplant procedure can further lower the hairline, and in some cases provide more coverage of the surgical scar with natural-looking hair transplants. Following the procedure, many of Dr. Vogel’s patients enjoy the look of their new hairline and express a boost in self-confidence.

Hair Line Lowering Patient Reviews

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