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Choosing Between Liposuction and Tummy Tuck

resize-shutterstock_125430821Determining whether abdominal liposuction or tummy tuck is the best approach for improving the contours of your midsection is a big decision. These two body contouring options offer varying degrees of enhancement to address a range of cosmetic concerns focused in the abdominal region. The procedure that is right for you will depend upon the condition of your unique anatomy, the cosmetic issues you perceive, and the results you hope to gain.

Understanding more about the differences between tummy tuck and liposuction may help advance your knowledge about body contouring and provide a better indication of which is the better option for you:

  • Liposuction is strictly the surgical removal of excess fatty tissue, which is typically ideal for patients who have good skin elasticity and areas of excess fat around the abdomen that they would like to address. The incisions through which the procedure is performed are very small, just large enough to accommodate the liposuction cannula which breaks down and vacuums out the fat.
  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) provides improvement on several anatomical dimensions: the skin, fat layer, and specific regions of muscle tissue are all addressed to provide the greatest degree of comprehensive abdominal contouring. Unlike liposuction, the tummy tuck procedure accomplishes tightening of lax abdominal muscles and the removal of loose, redundant skin to create a firmer, flatter abdomen. The more extensive nature of the tummy tuck procedure requires larger incisions than liposuction, resulting in a noticeable, yet easily hidden scar. Dr. Vogel offers a few different techniques, including mini-tummy tuck and extended tummy tuck, to deliver the specific level of enhancement each patient requires.


The professional opinion of a skilled, board certified plastic surgeon is generally the greatest help when trying to determine the most suitable surgical approach for enhancing your physique. During a consultation with Dr. James Vogel, you can expect a thorough physical evaluation and an extensive discussion of the surgical approach that can help you achieve your goals.

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